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Most chaotic and insane game mode on the whole project!
The base of the spawn is destroyed all the way down to the bedrock, and the spawn is filled with withers that make it difficult for you to survive.
Players are competing against each other in the race for the title of "Best Anarchist''''.
This mode is entirely identical to the original "2b2t", but still has its own characteristics:
differently from the original "2b2t" here the world expands its borders once in a certain period of time, and here cheats are forbidden, as well as selling for real currency.
Due to the global player interference in gameplay - there are no surely generated portals to the End, but this doesn't mean that access is restricted there.
One portal is generated weekly on a world within 25000 blocks of the world zero coordinate.
Your own future depends on your actions: do you want to become the king of the server? - In that case, show what you can do! Do you want to be a simple farmer, or a builder? - Do it, but keep in mind that your efforts will not be spared.