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Rules of the Cristalix game project

Terms of Use
and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use
Privacy Policy

MiniGames rules

Main provision
1.1 The administration has every right to ban people without a reason. 1.2 Nickname shouldn't contain obscene words, foul language, insults to players, insults to the project.
Nicknames that hint at the player's belonging to the moderation and administration of the project are forbidden.
Punishment: Blocking forever.
1.3 It's forbidden to harm the project and its online.
Punishment: Blocked permanently.
1.4 Administration doesn't transfer purchased services to other accounts. 1.5 Only the owner of the account is responsible for the account, in case of any incidental problems caused by access to the account by third parties, the project "Cristalix" isn't responsible. 1.6 It is forbidden to sell/buy in-game valuables. 1.7 Punishments for rule violations may be modified on a case-by-case situation by the project management. 1.8 Using inaccuracies in the rules for their own profit. 1.9 In case of account blocking, no resources or donations will be returned. 1.10 When communicating and moderating, it's recommended to use first of all common sense, not to bring to absurdity and not to engage in literalism. 1.11 Incorrect actions of players, moderation and other server members with the exception of owners are subject to appeal to the forum.
2.1 It's not permitted to present yourself as a moderator or project administrator. 2.2 It's not permitted to use the report system in any way other than its intended use. 2.3 Negative, unfounded comments about the actions of the project administration are not permitted. 2.4 All forms of discrimination are forbidden. 2.5 Promoting of Nazism, racism, drugs, drinking, smoking. 2.6 It's not permitted to incite destructive conflicts on political and/or religious grounds, including provocation and support of international division. 2.7 Using foul or excessive language in any form is prohibited. 2.8 Any form of abuse and insolent behavior, as well as threats to life and health, are forbidden. 2.9 Excessive trolling is forbidden, as is the use and encouragement of flaming 2.10 Any form of flooding is prohibited.
-Flooding with posts of 3 or more within one minute.
-Flooding with symbols from 6 or more in one message (flooding with letters, signs, numbers).
-Multi-post from 7 posts of parcellation within one minute.
-Massive flooding from 6 posts per minute of the same kind and similar in content.
-Flooding by commands of 3 or more commands per minute in the chat.
-Abusive chatting/flooding in the private chat.
-Send long messages with no meaning.
2.11 The organization of mass flooding is forbidden. 2.12 Writing messages in upper case is forbidden. 2.13 Inappropriate as well as immoral behavior is forbidden. 2.14 Excessively toxic behavior is forbidden. 2.15 Ads of third-party Internet resources, as well as mentioning/advertising other servers is forbidden. 2.16 Disinformation about the project is prohibited. 2.17 Provocation to violate the rules is forbidden. Any posts in VIP, hub chat related to advertising, PR, selling, buying and soliciting are prohibited
3.1 It is forbidden to use any modifications to the client, as well as third-party software, in any way making it possible to obtain in-game resources, giving additional abilities to the character and so on.
Special cases: textures transparent (x-ray), increasing the speed of movement (speedhack), the ability to fly (flyhack), the ability to pass through walls (noclip), programs clickers or bots, and so on.
Even an unsuccessful try to perform such actions is equal to a violation of this rule.
The final decision whether or not a modification is an offense is taken by the Administration. The punishment is eternal ban.
3.2 It's forbidden to be on the server with skins and/or cape containing any erotic, religious, heathen, ideological and nationalist symbols. 3.3 Team play in solo modes or the alliance of two different teams in team modes is forbidden. 3.4 It's forbidden to intentionally harm teammates in team games. 3.5 It's forbidden to use defects in game modes. 3.6 It's forbidden to build buildings with Nazism and extremist symbols and attributes.
It's forbidden to build buildings with too much load on the server, as well as foul buildings.
3.7 Repeated violation of the rules (4 or more rules at once) is forbidden. 3.8 It's forbidden to override punishments issued in any way. 3.9 It is forbidden to obtain statistics and other game achievements in an unfair way, even with the help of multi-accounts.
4.1 SkyBlock - It's forbidden to have more than 1 account, to mine resources for the island.
Punishment: 14 day ban for ALL members of the island.
4.2 PRISON - It is forbidden to have twinks (FRIEND'S ACCOUNT! = TWINK).
Punishment: ban all accounts for 1 day.
4.3 Surviving in Russia - It is forbidden to use clickers on gang events.
Punishment: ban for 3 days.
4.4 JediCraft OLD - It's forbidden to have twinks.
Punishment: 1 day ban general account and 1 month twinks banned.
4.5 Inactivity on ZombieMod is forbidden 4.6 Запрещено создавать Цивилизации/Города/Лагеря, имеющие в названии нарушение правил чата.
Наказание ➤Удаление Цивилизации/Города/Лагеря. Блокировка аккаунта основателю Цивилизации/Города/Лагеря на 3 дня.
4.7 Запрещено оставлять Чудеса Света, Капитолии и Ратуши без привата на время войны. Если обнаружили данную проблему, обратитесь к Администратору.
Наказание ➤ Блокировка Мэра Города на 1 день.
4.8 Запрещено создавать Мульти-Цивилизации для получения преимущества и выгоды для основной Цивилизации, а также для помехи другим Цивилизациям.
Наказание ➤ Удаление Мульти-Цивилизации. Блокировка аккаунта основателя Мульти-Цивилизации навсегда. Блокировка всех Лидеров, Советников, Мэров и Помощников основной Цивилизации на 3 дня.
4.9 Запрещено иметь одновременно аккаунты в разных Цивилизациях/Лагерях.
• Пример: Основной аккаунт находится в Цивилизации, а второй аккаунт находится в Лагере - запрещено.
• Пример: Основной аккаунт находится в Цивилизации, а второй аккаунт находится в другой Цивилизации - запрещено.
• Пример: Основной аккаунт находится в Лагере, а второй аккаунт находится в другом Лагере - запрещено.
Наказание ➤ Блокировка второго аккаунта навсегда. Блокировка основного аккаунта на 3 дня. %rule.4.10%
5.1 Staff is forbidden to work as part of another game project.
The punishment is removal from the post.
Project administration is considered to be the players of groups «[Admin]» and «[OWN]».
Project staff includes Builders, Testers, Helpers, Moderators, Curators and Developers.
5.3 All staff members have «[Helper]», «[Moder]», etc. in a prefix before their nickname, depending on their status 5.4 Staff must keep order on the Project and punish violators based on their moral preference for the rules of the Project. 5.5 Staff can't teleport, it's useless to ask them to do so. 5.6 Staff is required to answer questions from players about the game and the project is within their rights and abilities. 5.7 It's forbidden to use a position of official authority to sell any services to other players. 5.8 Staff - volunteers who help Administrators to manage the server and keep order.
6.1 It's forbidden to display insulting, provocative, as well as containing foul language and obscene language messages through server plugins.
Frequently: insulting, obscene names of clans, greetings on regions.
Punishment: Mute from 3 hours to 7 days ban.
6.2 It is forbidden to give foul, insulting and provocative names to mobs and pokémon.
Punishment: Mute from 1 hour to 1 day ban.
6.3 Cheating players, actions that cause serious harm to players.
Punishment: Ban 3 to 7 days.
6.4 Using more than 3 twinks accounts on the server at the same time.
Punishment: 1 day ban for all accounts.
6.5 Sale / storage of duped items.
Punishment: Ban from 5 days to permanent ban.
6.6 The owner or member of a region has the right to ask you to leave the region if there is no public warp on the region.
In case of refusal you'll be penalized. Punishment: Ban for 4 hours.

Server Game Rules:

TechnoMagic, Magic, NeoTech, Galax, DivinePVP, SkyVoid
1.1 Incorrect nicknames are forbidden.
- Nicknames violating rules 2.2, 2.8, 2.9, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.
- Nicknames of minigame staff (except owners).
1.2 It's forbidden to register multi-accounts to violate server rules or to gain profit.
- Profits include: creating extra privates/warps, farming/transferring сoins, loading chunks, etc.
2.1 It's forbidden to sell items in any way cheaper than the prices set for them.
- Buying hand-to-hand for less than minimum price.
- Exchange multiple items with disparate prices.
- Selling things through stores in bags, boxes, etc.
2.2 Use/distribution of macros/third-party client modifications/malware is forbidden.
- Client modifications, bots, cheats, clickers, viruses, iploggers, malicious links.
2.3 It's forbidden to set incorrect pictures in OPF/Audio in Radio in public places.
- Very loud sounds in the radio.
- Pictures containing violations of current rules in any form.
2.4 Any attempt to give away items or coins to random players is forbidden.
- Messages to chat about resource/privacy giveaways, house breakdowns, coordinates of specially dropped resources or blocks set up with them.
- Teleports/find players (with or without notification) and give them resources.
- Set up expensive blocks or resource blocks in worlds.
- Organization of contests and taking part in them.
2.5 It's forbidden to sell/attempt to sell resources/account for crystals or any real currency/things.
- Also punishable if the player behaves suspicious, mentions some other currencies (non-game currencies) or tries to switch to discord communication, etc. during the sale.
2.6 It's forbidden to harm the server.
- Using/distributing bugs/dups and hiding them from the administration.
- Other actions that prevent the normal work of the server/project.
2.7 It's forbidden to clutter the world with senseless buildings.
- Dig/develop other players' privates.
- Putting close to interfering and senseless privates
- Large-scale deformation of the world (100500TNT and the like).
2.8 Advertising in any form is forbidden.
- Links/mentions of any minecraft projects.
- Links/mentions of your resources (Any social media/ Discord server/YouTube/Other video platforms).%
- Abbreviations like "vw", "sc", "vm".
- "Dead" projects.
- Links to Cristalix and Demaster's official resources.
- Links to and mentions of well-known resources (google, yandex, wikipedia), as long as there are no rule violations and mentions from this rule example.
- Links to pictures, music, news, etc.; as long as there are no rule violations and mentions from this rule example when clicking on them.
2.9 Insults to players/relatives/server in any form are forbidden. 2.10 It's forbidden to try to implicate players or staff. 2.11 It's forbidden to disturb players who are members of that private.
- Mob Assassination.
- Picking up/throwing away items.
- Stealing mana from Botania pools.
- Player is just in the private area and doesn't interact with the members in any way.
The penalty is issued if a player has been warned by the members of the privat and then still disturb them for 17.5 minutes after the warning.
(Video proof is required, even if the player was invisible, he will be penalized)
2.12 It's forbidden to cheat players when exchanging resources, etc.
- If a player asks to teleport for an exchange and kills, that's cheating too.
You need clear proof of the violation in the form of detailed screenshots or videos, otherwise the complaint will be rejected.
2.13 It's forbidden to enable PvP or set traps in a region with public warps/advertise a warp that is in a PvP enabled zone.
- A warp with stores or large traffic is considered public.
3.1 It's forbidden to publicly discuss the actions of the staff. There are complaints in Discord for this reason.
- Discussions on the correctness of issuing the punishment.
- Critique of the rules.
3.2 It's prohibited to impersonate staff or administration by yourself or those who are not. 3.3 It's forbidden to behave abnormally in the chat.
- Aggression towards players.
- Disrespectful or aggressive behavior toward members of the staff.
- Other inappropriate behavior at the discretion of staff.
3.4 Flooding, spam and caps in any form is forbidden.
- Similar in meaning/non-meaningful messages.
- 3 or more messages of the same type within 15 minutes.
- Flooding with commands (teleportation requests, coin transfers, etc).
- Commercial messages (no more than 1 message per 10 minutes).
- Advertisement of one (several different warps in 1 place will count as one and the same) warp by different players (no more than one mention of a warp in 10 minutes).
- Multipost (splitting a sentence into 5+ posts without interrupting other players).
- Flood by showing items (no more than 5 different items in 5 minutes).
- Flood organization.
- Flooding with characters (same characters up to and including 7 characters, different characters up to and including 11 symbols).
- Caps from 9 characters in a row or ladder (I'Ll BuY aN eLePhAnT fOr TwEnTy CoInS).