Terms of Use

User agreement of March 05, 2021 ("Cristalix" or the "Service"), consists of the Cristalix website, and subdomains, and offers games without any restrictions. Cristalix and its affiliated services ("Cristalix") are owned in part or in whole by Cristalix.

Before starting to play one of the games of the service, the user must read this Agreement, as well as all the rules applicable to the game (including - the rules of the Game and the Rules of the Forum).

Cristalix provides access to user, registered in Cristalix system, to services. All terms of Cristalix interaction with user are explained in this Agreement. Administration of Cristalix at any moment has the right to change this Agreement, the administration of Cristalix will notify the user about it by posting updated version of the Agreement on website. All changes come into force after publication on User has a right not to accept the changes - in this case administration restricts user access to the service.

Cristalix provides user access to Cristalix services. The user understands that the responsibility for any delays, failures, unauthorized access to personal user information, etc., lies with the service itself. The user should understand that some services may contain information intended for children over 16 years. Administration of Cristalix is not responsible for providing User with access to the Internet and resolving related technical problems.

Cristalix allows access to paid services, but doesn't make the user to use them. The user pays for the services of his own choice, so no money can be refunded because the user has paid for the services of his own choice.

When using Cristalix service user is responsible for safety of his account data, Cristalix service provides safety of data according to item 7 of the present Terms of Use. Administration of Cristalix is not responsible for authenticity, political correctness and quality of information posted at Cristalix service and official communities at other services. Users are fully aware that some of the content posted might be offensive to their religious or moral views. At the same time Cristalix reserves the right to block the suspect account and block access to it's owner, until Cristalix provides enough evidence of it's innocence. After which the account can be unblocked.

- The user is not permitted to use the services:
1. distribution and storage of information that is illegal, offensive, not politically correct, and personal information of other users, including the sending of abusive emails to other users of the system;
2. violation of the rights of underage persons and/or causing them any kind of harm;
3. posting information of an advert's nature;
4. mass emailing of advertisements - spam;
5. posting and sending out viruses, files, software code designed to disrupt the functioning of software;
6. unauthorised access to software products and services, including the use of usernames, passwords and other means to gain illegal access to paid services, and the posting of links to the above information;
7. deliberately disrupt the normal operation of the Cristalix system and any of its included services;
8. Any trading activity, such as trying to sell in-game items to other users for real money, without the permission of the Cristalix administration;
9. posting of meaningless and/or useless information in volumes that can increase the load on the Cristalix service equipment significantly.
Attention: A user account can be deleted if the user violates any of the above paragraphs of the User Agreement!

Administration of Cristalix reserves the right to suspend user account in case of violation of the User Agreement, listed in p.4 of this User Agreement. User understands that any service project may be stopped functioning at any moment, without prior notification to user. Administration of Cristalix is not responsible for access to any service project terminated.

Member uses services at his own discretion, and administration of Cristalix is not responsible for such interaction;
Administration of Cristalix doesn't guarantee continuous and proper functioning of any of services (including games), and is not responsible for whether provided service meets expectations of User. Also administration of Cristalix is not responsible for any losses caused by user, for inability to use service in time, and for any other failures in service.

User passwords are stored in the Cristalix database in encrypted form, appropriately. It is impossible for Cristalix to transfer user data to third parties.
The user individually monitors the safety of his password and its non-Available to third parties.
If you lose your password, you can restore access to your account using the forgotten password recovery service or by sending an email to [email protected]