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How to start playing?

1. Sign up Our project uses a system of authorization,
it's a prerequisite to start playing on our servers.
Sign up
2. Check the rules In-game and communicating in the project chats
you're bound by the rules.
Project Rules
3. Download and run the Launcher To play on our servers requires
our own in-game launcher.
Download Launcher

Do you have questions?

If you find a bug that doesn't impact the security of the server and players, report it to the appropriate thread on the forum.

If you found a critical bug on the server and you think it is impossible to write about it on the forum to escape mass exploitation, please inform the Administration personally.

You can find the developers' contacts in the staff list on the forum.
Before becoming a moderator, you need to be a helper or intern for a while.
If you want to join the Cristalix staff, please read the following introductory topic on the forum.