Help page

A bit about the project.
Cristalix — this is a game project dedicated to various entertainment servers based on Minecraft.

What's there to play?
On our project there are handful of minigames, as well as a series of servers with interesting modifications. Detailed information about them, you can find (here)

Gaming Issues.
I got an unfair punishment!
In this case you should create a topic in the "appealing the punishment" forum section. Be sure to include the nickname of the person who issued the punishment, attach a screenshot to prove your innocence, and try to describe the situation in detail.

A player breaks the rules!
Create a thread in the forum "complaints against players," provide the nickname of the offender, attach a screenshot or video of the violation and describe the situation.

Staff breaks the rules!
Of course, we trust our staff, but there are different situations. If something like this happens, you need to go to the forum in the category "complaints against staff", create a thread, specify the nickname of the offender, attach a screenshot or video of the violation.

Problems with the paid services.

I made the purchase and it didn't happen!
In this case, you should contact the technical support in our group in the VK or directly with the Administration.
My balance changed, although I did nothing.
Write your nickname in technical support in the group VK and report the incident, we will check.

Why wasn't my money restored after a wipe or fallback?
Unfortunately, some events, such as a wipe, usually don't include the recovery of spent money in order to maintain healthy competition between players.

I found an error, what should I do?
If you find a bug that doesn't impact the security of the server and players, report it to the appropriate thread on the forum.
If you found a critical bug on the server and you think it is impossible to write about it on the forum to escape mass exploitation, please inform the Administration personally.
You can find the developers' contacts in the staff list on the forum.

I would like to be part of your team.
How to become a moderator?
Before becoming a moderator, you need to be a helper or a staff intern for a while. To join the line-up of Cristalix staff, read the forum's introductory thread.

How to become a builder?
If you are sure in your skills and building skills, you can join the list of builders of the project by filling out the form. All necessary information about joining is located, respectively, on the forum.

How do you become a developer?
At the moment we are not currently recruiting for developers. However, if you have any special skills and experience in Java development, please write about yourself in detail in the group messages, and we will consider your candidacy and give you feedback.

This section doesn't answer my question!
It's impossible to answer all questions arising from the player, but to your goodness, our project has its own forum, which appears in all the above items.
In our forum you can ask all your questions in the appropriate topics.