Help to start the Launcher

If the SmartScreen filter has blocked startup
Usually it looks like this:

1. Click "Read More"

2. Click "Run Anyway"

Enjoy the game!

If you opened the archive instead of the Launcher
This simple instruction will help you if you open the archive instead of the Launcher: Note: This instruction is valid only for Windows users
1. Right-click on the launcher file and select Properties.

2. Next to "Application" click "Change"

3. Choose Java. The application selection screen may be different from the one in the screenshot, but in any case you will need to select Java and click OK if necessary.

What to do if there is no Java option?
4. Click OK in the file properties window. Now you can start the Launcher with a double click. Enjoy the game!

If you have read this page to the end but have not found a problem,
report an error in the forum.