Stand on the dark side.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…
When the Empire gained its power and the Jedi became nothing more than a saga of brave heroes who were almost all annihilated by "Order 66," the balance of power was greatly disturbed.
Imperial armies have occupied most of the planets, thereby gaining power in the galaxy.
Train in the power of the Jedi, learn from them and become a brave knight,
May the force be with you!

First, you spawn in the starting world, which serves as a guide to the mode.
You just need to take the quest from the NPC, get a couple of chests, in order to save up to pump the level (/level).
At level 4, you can teleport to spawn (/spawn) and there on the beaten track - loot chests (/rtp), level up and do quests.
PvP from level 8, Faction from level 10.